Circular fused glass one of a kind pendant, approximately 5cm across. Neoprene chord encasing a relaxed wire that allows for drape with gentle body. Sliding clasps- slips over the head at 27”, shown here adjusted to 18”. Slider clasps are visible at shorter lengths.

All the Shapes

  • A relaxed wire encased in 2mm neoprene sleeve specifically manufactured for the jewelry industry, allows the piece to hangs with both body and an elegant drape. Finished with handcrafted sliders wrpped in a black material, the pendant can adjsut from 27" down.  Each piece is unique and cut from a tablet of fused murini. Once shaped, the glass is ground and polished to a silky smooth, low luster finish. Do not store in direct sunlight, and when not worn, hang or lay flat. 


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